Animal Identification

The PET iChip Identification System is the first and only pet identification system in the country that utilizes cutting-edge microchip ID technology, advanced VPN computer network architecture and internet technology. The system gives instantaneous access to each pet’s information – anytime, anywhere.

The implantable PET iChip microchip allows for each pet to be positively and permanently identified with a unique non-repeating ID number.

The microchip is as small as a grain of rice, non-migrating, hypoallergenic and virtually limitless in operating life.

Once the PET iChip microchip has been implanted, the pet’s comprehensive information is entered via a nationwide Virtual Private Network into the PET iChip Database – the most complete and interactive database system specifically designed and programmed for pet management. The information is made available through the internet 24/7 through a direct connection of the PET iChip Database to the Animal Identification website at The website features a dynamic search engine capable of listing microchipped pets according to an unlimited number of selected criteria. Dynamic hyperlinks are automatically created and displayed onscreen such as the pet’s pedigree, progeny, photo gallery, awards and kennel information. Our computer network is the largest and the most sophisticated system solely dedicated to animal management, allowing us to offer progressive and functional applications. Equipped with the latest state-of-the-art microchip technology, interactive database systems and sophisticated computer networks, the PET iChip ID System is set to revolutionize the pet management industry – positively and permanently.

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    No. 35 Danupra Street, Veterans Village, Quezon City, Philippines 1105
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    T12 Polo Land Inc., McArthur Hi-way Guiguinto, Bulacan - Unit 17 & Unit 46
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    Semen Cardona Filipinas
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