PRI-Meat is an organically based food additive designed to improve carcass quality and growth rate of fattening pigs. PRI-Meat contains trace vitamins and mineral chelate that are safe and non-toxic to pigs, humans, and environment.

Young pigs are very good feed converters, they deposit more muscle than fat, thus growth rate is accelerated. But as they age, the rate of muscle and fat deposition changes (see Table1). This change in metabolism makes the pig fat and poor feed converters. Traditional technology will dictate that to reduce fat deposition, a reduction in energy intake must be done. However effective, reducing energy intake will also result in the decrease of growth-rate until PRI-Meat.

Mode of Action:

PRI-Meat is a combination of lipotropic agents (choline, inositol), and protein catalyst (chromium), which act together to promote muscle build up and retard fat deposition.
The action of each active compound can be discussed as follows:
Choline has the property of preventing the deposition of excess fat in animals even though with high-fat diets. Because of this property, choline is classified as a " lipotropic" agent. The lipotropic activity relates to the incorporation of choline into phosphatadyl choline (lecithin), which in turn is incorporated in phospholipid-choline and lipoprotein-choline complex). Choline is also an indirect source of methyl groups: it is first oxidized to Betaine, which in turn may transfer a methyl group to homocysteine to form methionine. The lipotropic and methyl-donor effects of choline are independent of each other. The bitartrate form of choline is more water soluble and superior as a nutrient supplement.
Inositol is important in the metabolism of fat and cholesterol. It is associated with lipotropic activity as with choline and methionine. Lipotropism is the effect of one compound to prevent excessive fat deposition.
Chromium is a trace mineral associated with growth, glucose tolerance, insulin binding reaction, lipid metabolism, amino acid uptake and protein synthesis. Aside from the glucose-tolerance-effect, chromium has been linked with amino acid transport, uptake, and deposition. This action of chromium as a "protein-catalyst" makes it essential in the proper metabolism of fat and muscles.

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