A visit to EGZH

One of the suppliers for high-quality genetics for Semen Cardona Filipinas is UPB Genetic World, a company in Spain which has partnered with one of the best companies in breeding German Pietrains. With their partnership, they enable the importation of high-quality German Pietrains all over the world.

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Are your boars IN or OUT?

Successful breeding starts always on choosing breeding animals. Buying boars nowadays may range from Php 30-120,000 depending on the line, conformation, genetic merit and source of the boar. You also provide housing, feeds, medicine etc. to ensure good environment and care were given to them. In this case, knowing boar’s performance is crucial.

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Chlorhexidine and its Antimicrobial Action in the Skin

The skin is considered the largest organ of the body. It serves as a barrier to the external environment of an animal. From a book chapter by Ralf S. Mueller (2008) in the book Small Animal Clinical Pharmacology, he listed the numerous functions of the skin summarized in the table below.1

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Evaluation of Short Term Extenders

Semen extenders have been widely used since artificial insemination are practiced all over the world. Having that said range of semen extenders are coming out of the market giving out a specific advantage over the other. A lot of technician and practitioners are asking on what kind or how long they should have been using for their operation.

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Albendazole belongs to the family of nematocidal agents we call benzimidazoles. Benzimidazoles are said to be effective against roundworms, whipworms, and hookworms in most species and have some activity against tapeworms. Albendazole is also effective against common protozoans.1

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Semen Storing and Handling

Boar semen is one of the most sensitive spermatozoa. This is because the cell wall of spermatozoa is not as rigid as compared to other species. Thus, handling and management of boar semen are crucial in artificial insemination. Nowadays, the presence of artificial insemination center is being utilized for efficient breeding when it comes to cost and convenience.

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