Boar Selection In EGZH-Germany

EGZH German Pietrain Selection - EGZH German Pietrain Animals provides excellent robustness and optimal adaptation.

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AXIOM French LARGE WHITE Selection

Progeny of Axiom GGP boars. Hyperprolific and robust lines. Very adaptive to Philippine condition.

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AXIOM - Large White

AXIOM, the biggest genetic company in France, puts emphasis on prolificity. Their focus on this breeding value makes them known for producing one of the most prolific Large Whites in the world.

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AXIOM - Landrace

AXIOM’s selection objective for their Landraces is to improve litter quality. This is done through selection based on birth weight and litter homogeneity.

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AXIOM - Rekor

REKOR – a hybrid produced from the crossing of an Axiom Pietrain and Duroc. This cross enables excellent vitality of piglets at birth, and at the same time, excellent meat quality for finishing pigs.

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What is Feline Inappropriate Elimination (IE)?

By Michael Ephraim Vergara, DVM - Technical Service Officer

Have you ever encountered your indoor cat urinating and defecating outside of the litter box?

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