German Pietrain AA36301 - Terminal line

German Pietrains imported from Germany with not less than 800 grams ADG from birth and Negative (N/N) Halothane stress gene.

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UPB Bavarian Pietrain - Pietralon

Bavarian Piétrain Piétralon also known as “Low-odor boar” was assessed through objective state examination as well as selection by genomic breeding value.

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UPB Bavarian Pietrain - Turbo

Bavarian Piétrain Turbo is also known as the “ Fast Grower Boar”.

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UPB Bavarian Pietrain - Goliath

Bavarian Piétrain Goliath also known as the “Muscle Boar”.

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Semen Cardona Filipinas Accreditation

Semen Cardona Filipinas certifies its production by its qualifications to the Bureau of Animal Industry’s requirement for local and regional transport.

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Bavarian Pietrain - EGZH Germany

The BAVARIAN PIETRAIN is an ideal boar to obtain a high lean percentage, high carcass recovery, and high daily gain of fattening pigs ─ best for fresh meat consumption.

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