Because your best friend deserves best care, this unit provides safe, effective, and advanced technology for the better health care of your companion animal. PLARIDEL Products’ MyPETs is the pioneer in bringing PetiChip.

Pet iChip is an animal implantable microchip identification technology in the country. Also, the unit has OPTICIN, VYSIX and DESOMIN (eye & ear care ointments); ATOPEX, TEFROSOL FORTE, NATRAKELP (specialty); PRAZIVET and MICROZOLE1% (anthelmintics); SEPTAPLEx GEL, MONDEX (nutritional supplements); INFLACAM (oral NSAID); ARTHROX (joint care enhancer); METHOZINE (anti-bacterial) and MYCOCIDE (anti-fungal shampoo products).

  • Telephone
    (02) 7 903-9663
    (02) 7 257-2719
    (02) 8 374-5293
  • Address
    No. 35 Danupra Street, Veterans Village, Quezon City, Philippines 1105
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