NATRAKELP For Skin Problems

By Michael Ephraim Vergara, DVM

Natrakelp (Tasmanian Bull Kelp) liquid seaweed extract is a supplement imported from Australia where this kind of seaweed is endemic. Seaweed by nature thrives by the waters of the sea/oceans and naturally, vitamins, minerals, and phyto-hormones can be traced to be from these sea plants.

Initially, Natrakelp has shown to be very effective in treating hypothyroidism in pets and the bilateral alopecia observed on a pet used during the trial have improved markedly after 60 days of supplementation. 

Clinical Trial Result*

Photo set 1: Clinical trial conducted for hypothyroidism with Figure 1 showing the test animal at the start of the trial and
as it improved (figure 2 & 3) after 60 days of supplementation.

With this observed improvement in the skin condition of the animal, some colleagues have used Natrakelp as well as a supportive supplement for any skin conditions. With numerous vitamins (Vitamins A, C, and E) and minerals like Selenium and Zinc, the continuous use of Natrakelp can help improve any pet’s skin and coat luster and shine that is important for show animals. More importantly, with the various vitamins and minerals contents of Natrakelp, this supplement can aid in the recovery of pets from skin and coat diseases as shown below with Wagyu.

Photo set 2: Wagyu showing signs of alopecia on its left hindlimb (July 2019).


Photo set 3: Photos of Wagyu taken last December 2019 after his Natrakelp supplementation until November 2019. 


With the results observed from this supplementation of liquid seaweed extract in Natrakelp to Wagyu, we can now fully say that Natrakelp is an effective skin supplement with the abundant vitamins and minerals it contain. Apart from the other indications with hypothyroidism and breeding and fertility supplements, Natrakelp has shown good results as well for the skin. All these and more, we say Natrakelp can definitely be a super supplement.


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