Liquid Seaweed Extract

Scientifically and historically, seaweed is one of nature's most mineral-rich plants.
Natrakelp is an all-natural liquid seaweed concentrate - a nutritional supplement for dogs, horses and other farm animals. Natrakelp is derived from the fermentation of the deep-sea Tasmanian bull kelp (Durvillaea potatorum) providing the most natural forms of micronutrients and phytohormones in order to provide available nutrition, rejuvenation and purifying actions. Natrakelp aids in the rejuvenation of senior dogs, in breeding performance, in coat health and in many more.

a.  For Senior Dogs

  • Aids in the proper functioning and health of the thymus and thyroid glands, resulting to the prevention of conditions associated with hypothyroidism and poor immunity.
  • Aids in the correction of hypothyroidism associated with nutritional deficiency, particularly iodine.
  • Aids in the improvement of thyroid gland functions, thus improving metabolic processes.
  • Aids in the prevention and the correction of obesity associated with lowered metabolic rates observed in dogs with hypothyroidism.
  • Aids in the treatment of scaly dermatitis associated with
    nutrition-related hypothyroidism.


Dosage & Administration:

For hypothyroidism

5ml orally once daily for three months tapered down to
twice weekly or as recommended by the veterinarian

For  maintenance

5ml orally two times a week

For breeding and

5ml orally three times a week two months prior to
expected heat or show


General Supplementation

1-2 ml twice a  week

For breeding and

2ml orally three times a week two months prior to
expected heat or show

Presentation: 60 mL plastic bottle






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