Water Soluble Powder
Energy Supplement

MonDEX contains 99.9% glucose monohydrate U.S.P. grade.
MonDEX is a monosaccharide sugar that is fast absorbed from the digestive tract to provide instant energy.
MonDEX has a pleasant/good taste that pets will like.

a.  For Adult Pets

  • Is given as energy supplement for active dogs before performing strenuous activities ie. training, pet show, travel & breeding.
  • Is useful in rebuilding stamina and vigor after every activity.
  • Is useful as an aid in providing energy to sick and recovering dogs.

a.  For Young Pets (Puppies and Kittens)

  • Is used as energy supplement to new born puppies and kittens, where milk from their mother is insufficient.
  • Is used as a rehydrating supplement during and after conditions of diarrhea and vomiting.
  • Provides instant energy to highly active pets.

Each gram contains:

Glucose monohydrate ……………………………. 99.9%

Dosage & Administration:

For hypothyroidism

5ml orally once daily for three months tapered down to
twice weekly or as recommended by the veterinarian

For  maintenance

5ml orally two times a week

For breeding and

5ml orally three times a week two months prior to
expected heat or show


General Supplementation

1-2 ml twice a  week

For breeding and

2ml orally three times a week two months prior to
expected heat or show

60 mL plastic bottle

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