Semencardona Filipinas in the International Farmers Summit Philippines 2018

Pasay, Metro Manila, February 21-23, 2018 – Semen Cardona in partnership with Plaridel Products and Services, Inc. participated in The International Farmers Summit, the largest and most anticipated agriculture exhibition and forum in livestock and poultry industry in the country and around the world.

In this event, Semencardona Filipinas, the new multi-genetic artificial insemination center in the Philippines, was introduced to the public. With the building and facility construction still ongoing, the Semencardona Filipinas will be starting its operation around mid-2018. The AI center will house boars of different breeds from the best genetic lines in Europe and will produce high-performance semen doses that are expected to be available for distribution throughout the country.

For nine years, imported semen doses through Semen Cardona have been continuously imported through Plaridel Products and Services, Inc. With Semencardona Filipinas as a local AI center, it is expected to provide faster and efficient access to most farms all over the Philippines and be able to contribute improving and upgrading productivity and quality of swine industry as well as the agri-food sector in the country.

With its participation in The International Farmers Summit 2018, opportunity to interact with the different clients to discuss and introduce the AI center to the concerned public.

Published by: plaridel
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