From across the globe, PLARIDEL has developed productive alliances and partnerships to advance our capacity to provide cost-effective products and services.

Some of our partners include:

   •  SEMEN CARDONA of Spain, for the supply of multi-genetic boar semen;
   •  MAGAPOR of Spain, for the supply of swine artificial insemination products and;
   •  ABEREKIN S.A. of Spain, for the supply of premium cattle genetics through frozen semen.
   •  UPB Genetic World is a global leader in pig breeding and swine genetics using the latest technologies in quantitative
       genetics and molecular biology to ensure on-going genetic improvement in all product lines.
   •  NUTEC GROUP has a petfood research unit and an extruded feed plant specialized in petfood.
        This way we enhance health, beauty and life of our endearing pets

In the near future, PLARIDEL will launch the first canine artificial insemination service in the Philippines.
This will provide state of the art breeding technology to help practitioners and breeders elevate the level of competitiveness of the pet industry.


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